Hi! My name is Ange dela Cruz.

I am a...

and last but not the least...

Your Solutions Design Partner.

It all started with an inquisitive mind and the love for creativity in the form of arts, words and technology. Since then, I’ve been thriving to be an expert in the freelancing business particularly in website design and optimization. Anatomina is the brainchild of the online course I took up for WordPress Web Design. Since then, Anatomina grew by catering to different digital marketing services particularly web design. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and business coaches since 2020 to promote their businesses to the right audience and increase sales by boosting traffic in their websites through website design, graphic design, and search engine optimization. For the love of arts and marketing, I create their clear message with a creative and strategical approach. In this way, the client will have a continuous inflow of revenue and luxury at their own time.

Let’s meet our goals together in designing solutions through creative and strategic thinking. Connect with me and let’s be creative@anatomina.com!

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