Increasing Page View and Leads of Website for Business Coaches and Environmental Services Entrepreneurs

Want to increase page view and leads for your business website?

Let’s skip the fluff and go straight to the actionable quick tips that you can implement immediately.

Quick Tip 1: Establish Your Business Branding Althroughout your website

Use your brand’s colors, voice, images and fonts consistently whenever you create a new page on your website. Over time, people won’t be drive away from visiting your page and be eager to know more about your business. Color harmony is linked to the subconsious mind and memory for better recognition, and is often far easier to recall than a name, especially if it has only been seen once. Color is linked to memory and recognition, and is often far easier to recall than a name, especially if it has only been seen once.

It’s impossible to imagine Coca-Cola without picturing the swirling red logo, or to think about McDonald’s without visualizing its signature yellow arches right?

Quick Tip 2: Have your Website Visitor Sign Up For A Freebie

Everybody loves a freebie. So why not give one if you could? This could be in a form of brochures encouraging them how to have the right mindset for a business, a branding kit of your environmental services or a teaser magazine of the business coaching courses that you offer.

Take a look at Harvard Business Review sharing business insights to their free subscribers to grow their community.

Quick Tip 3: Apply Search Engine Optimization to your Website

Have you ever wondered how does it happen when you type the word “business” in Google, different websites appear at their own ranking? Words are such a powerful tool to influence people with their wants and needs. And just like them, websites need keywords to appear at the top of search engines. These keywords are usually organically imbedded in websites through articles, media captions, alternative text, and even locally registering your business and website.

See Wikipedia as an example, they are always at the top of the search engine wherever and whatever words that you’re looking for.

You’re welcome.

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