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Angie dela Cruz - Anatomina Web Design

Web Design + Virtual Partnership

Conceptualize ideas and build outputs through
Web Design combined with project management
and other business solutions and services available.

Why Anatomina?


n. a portmanteau of the studio owner's name An(gie) and her family A(J), To(n), and Mina.

If one is playing with words and is a fan of science, one might read it as "An atom in a...".

Combining these two sets of ideas, we begin the story of a visionary, a champion who is
"An atom in a Web Design".


Our partnership success starts here:

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Another Exemplary Website from Batch 4. Congrats Angie dela Cruz!

Michelle Macaraig

Coach, WordPress Web Design Online Course - FVA Academy

We are really loving the direction this is heading so I thank you again!

Sophie Lee

Cultivate Marketing Co

Awesome!! Thanks Angie! 🙂 You did a great job!

Kathy Lim-Cabradilla

Coach, FVA Academy - South Luzon

Anatomina Accomplished Projects & Works

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