Healthy Benefits of Updating Your Website Regularly

In this highly competitive market of business coaches and environmental services entrepreneurs, creating a website as a portfolio isn’t enough. You might be telling to yourself, “I always update my course list, isn’t that enough?”

Answer: NO. It will never be enough.

Don’t let your website sit like a trophy waiting to be dusted at the corner of the room. Just like our ever-changing technology like smartphones, tablets and laptops, websites need regular update for it to be more appealing to the user and fit the experience of every visitor. Take Facebook for example on how their website evolved for the past 10 years.

What are the healthy benefits of updating your website regularly? Let us find out each one by one.

Benefit #1: Updating Your Website Means a Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keeping your website with a consistent number of updates is valuable for the SEO of your website Successively, SEO is very important if your re-structuring your business plan by incorporating your digital marketing strategies. For instance,  in PPC (pay per click) campaigns, you need to strategize and choose your keywords properly to improve SEO. Getting latest or up to date information is one of the highlights that Google values the most in order for your website to be ranked at the top search pages. Nevertheless, you still want to showcase your old contents. In that aspect, changes in regular basis, updates, and tweaks are always welcomed.

Benefit #2: Keep Your Visitors Informed

Combining the new and suitable information, you also need to refer to the original content of your website so that the visitors will be refreshed of the information that needs no frequent changes. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to restrict yourself in the event that changes happened to your business. I simple banner of holiday greetings flashing at the top of your website just to let your clients know that you also celebrate this holidays with them. This is just one of the updates you could do to attract and retain quality customers and decrease percentage of bounce rate. Remember, it’s not just with current blogs that you could give an update but also with general information about your business.

Benefit #3: Help the Users Come Back For More

As mentioned in Benefit #2 about keeping your quality customers and decreasing percentage of bounce rate, a constantly updated website is an indicator of a live and active website. If your website has images or contents that has been sitting for so many years, website visitors will forget about it and look for a different website of the many options offered online.

Benefit #4: Stay On Trend

Prior to updating your website on a regular basis to match the times and trends in the web design and search engine optimization, you need to update yourself of this knowledge too. For example, knowing that the most used page builder for website is Elementor , Interserver as one of the cheapest webhosting provider and Semrush as a search engine optimization tool will put you at the forefront of innovation and build your business coaching and environmental services branding in a strong and modern sense.

Essentially, updating your website gives you the freedom to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your target market. If you need help in updating you website, connect with us at Anatomina Creative.

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